In partnership with Live & In Color, we are developing a musical that is slated to debut in New York in 2023. Howdyland! is a musical that aims to  to add color to old westerns and, of course, make ’em gayer. You can read more about my writing partner, JB Tang Jackson, by visiting their website.

App Rap is a musical comedy short film about the ways we keep in touch with family around the world. I got to do this in collaboration with animator and fellow comedian Elise Roedenbeck Valderrama. You can read more about her work on her website.

App Rap has been selected by the following festivals:

1st GIFF – Genesis International Film Festival | Finalist for Best Comedy
Cranford Film Festival | Finalist for Animation
Crown Point International Film Fesitval | Winner – Comedy
Dallas Movie Awards | Semi-Finalist for Best Comedy
Digital Griffix Film Awards | Nominee – Best Original Song
Florida Shorts | Semi-Finalist for Comedy
Global Film Festival Awards | Winner – Best Animated Short and Best Original Song
Hollywood Gold Awards
International World Film Awards
Kansas Art House Festival | Winner – Best Short Music Film
LGBT Unbordered International Film Festival | Winner – Best Original Song
LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival
New York International Women Festival
Palm Springs Shorts | Semi-Finalist for Best Animation
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival | Semi-Finalist for Animation
Santa Barbara Shorts Festival | Finalist for Best Comedy
Scene Awards | Nominee – Best Music Video
Top Indie Film Awards
Vegas Shorts
Vero Beach Film Festival

And I’m always down to share
miscellaneous covers and originals

Uploaded the wrong guitar playing take, ALAS. I love this song by Just Friends, so here goes a cover @bigbadbaron πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ˜… #musiciansoftiktok #guitartok

♬ original sound – dom’s on here